Top 5 Indian Tribes and Their Cultural Traditions

Chirag Mali

Gond Tribe 

The Gond people have a rich tradition of painting known as Gond art, characterized by vibrant colors and intricate patterns depicting nature, mythology, and daily life. 

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Santhal Tribe 

The Santhal community is known for its music and dance forms, including the traditional dance called "Santhal Dance" or "Chadur."  

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Naga Tribe 

The Naga tribes have a rich cultural heritage with diverse languages, traditional attire, and unique customs. They are known for their vibrant festivals like Hornbill Festival 

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Bhils Tribe 

The Bhil community has a strong connection with nature and agriculture. Their festivals like Bhagoria celebrate the harvest season with traditional dances, music, and rituals.  

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Jarawa Tribe 

The Jarawa tribe is one of the indigenous communities of the Andaman Islands. They have a unique way of life, with traditional hunting and gathering practices.  

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