Top 5 Indian Environmentalists and Their Contributions

Chirag Mali

Sunderlal Bahuguna

Sunderlal Bahuguna was a prominent environmentalist and a leader of the Chipko movement, a grassroots movement that protested deforestation and advocated for the protection of trees. 

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Vandana Shiva 

Vandana Shiva is an environmental activist and eco-feminist known for her work on biodiversity conservation, organic farming, and seed sovereignty.  

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Medha Patkar 

Medha Patkar is a social activist known for her work on environmental and social justice issues. She has been involved in grassroots movements focusing on water rights, displacement due to dams, and sustainable development. 

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Chandi Prasad Bhatt 

Chandi Prasad Bhatt is a Gandhian environmentalist and founder of the Chipko movement. He has worked extensively on afforestation, community-based conservation, and sustainable development in the Himalayan region. 

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Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi 

Dr. Rajvanshi is known for his work in renewable energy and sustainable technology. He founded the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, which focuses on developing sustainable agricultural practices and rural technologies. 

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