Top 5 Indian Classical Music Ragas 

Chirag Mali

Getty Images

Raga Yaman 

Yaman is one of the most fundamental and popular ragas in Hindustani classical music. It is performed during the evening and is known for its serene and meditative mood, evoking a sense of romance and devotion. 

Raga Bhairavi 

Bhairavi is considered the queen of morning ragas. It is often performed at the conclusion of concerts and is associated with deep emotions, portraying a mix of devotion, pathos, and tranquility 

Raga Todi 

Todi is a morning raga known for its complex and serious nature. It evokes feelings of devotion, contemplation, and a sense of longing. Todi is characterized by its intricate melodic patterns. 

Raga Bhimpalasi 

Bhimpalasi is a late afternoon raga that embodies a romantic and emotive feel. It is known for its gentle and soothing essence, expressing both joy and pathos. 

Raga Malkauns 

Malkauns is a late-night raga with a deep and contemplative mood. It is associated with a sense of seriousness and depth, often performed in the late hours to evoke a meditative atmosphere.