Top 5 Emerging Indian Artists and Their Works

Chirag Mali

Shilpa Gupta 

She creates interactive installations, videos, and photographs that explore themes of identity, borders, censorship, and violence.


She uses minimal prints, drawings, sculptures, and papers to evoke a sense of home and displacement. Her work Ascent (2014) is a series of gold leaf prints that depict the journey of the soul after death. 

Prabhakar Pachpute 

He draws inspiration from his family’s history of working in coal mines and uses charcoal, animation, and sound to create immersive environments that address the issues of labor, land, and ecology 

Sahej Rahal 

He combines mythology, science fiction, and history to create fantastical sculptures, performances, and videos that challenge the notions of reality and fiction. 

Prajakta Potnis 

She transforms everyday objects and spaces into surreal and poetic images that reflect on the effects of globalization, consumerism, and technology.