Top 5 Eco-Friendly Initiatives in India

Chirag Mali

Digital Green 

A not-for-profit organization that uses technology and social organizations to improve agriculture, health, and nutrition. They build innovative platforms to enable rural communities to create and share videos for wider adoption of locally relevant practice 

Waste Ventures 

This initiative averts up to 90% of waste from dumpsites and produces nutrient-rich organic compost. They sign multi-year contracts with local municipalities and employ waste pickers at their processing units to segregate waste 


A Bengaluru-based initiative that collects scrap waste for cash in select areas of the city. They pay you for segregating your recyclable scrap properly, lowering its environmental impact 

Fourth Partner Energy 

Founded in 2010, Fourth Partner Energy (4PEL) focuses on financing and building rooftop solar projects for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. 

Banyan Nation 

Banyan Nation collects plastic wastes from industries and recycles it for further use in the industry.