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At the end of the year, people reflect on the previous year and strive to create a more productive new year by setting New Year’s resolutions. Set your goals to push yourself to your maximum capacity. Think wisely, and set your goals accordingly.  Here are some new year's goals that you may find useful.

This new year  create a more happier version of yourself

Train Tracks

Be grateful

Instead of showing your gratitude on special occasions try to be grateful for day-to-day activities.

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Face your fear

This year be strong enough to face your fear and say goodbye to it.

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Develop a new skill

Don’t restrict yourself to limits. Think out of the box and add some new sparkling feathers to your wings.

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Plan Friend Dates

Dates are a wonderful way to develop and nourish a strong relationship with anyone of your frequency.

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Say yes to friendly disagreements

Everyone has freedom of expression so for pleasing others, don’t put your opinion down.

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Exercise in fresh air

Explore new places for your outdoor exercise. A new atmosphere can fill new enthusiasm in your old daily routine.

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Find a Pen Pal

Sharing your feelings or stress with someone who gives his/her time and listens to your problem without judgment is a great stressbuster.

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Long Drive

Gift yourself a road trip to a place you have never been to before. Explore new places and enjoy the versatility of the place.

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