Jawai Dam-Panthar Hills

Jawai Dam-Panthar Hills
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Where is Jawai Dam located – Jawai Dam is situated in Village Erenpura, Tehsil Sumerpur, District Pali, Rajasthan (India). At the time of independence, this Bhu Bhag Erenpura Cantonment was known by the name of Presently it is known as Jawai Bandh Railway Station. Jawai Dam is 3 km from here. That’s at a distance.

Who built the Jawai Dam – Jawai Dam is a very huge dam built in the middle of Aravalli hill. This dam is considered to be the habitat of fauna hey. It was a matter of 75 years ago, then due to famine in the western desert and due to scarcity of water, such a dam was constructed there so that people It was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur, and its foundation stone was laid on 13th May 1946 at 11.30 am. was placed at It was built under the supervision of engineers Edgar and Ferguson. And after the formation of Rajasthan in 1957 under the supervision of Moti Singh Ready | It took 11 years to build it, and only then this huge dam was completed. 2 crores of 7 lacks were spent in making it. were spent.

Spread of Jawai Dam – Height of Jawai Dam -61. 25 ft (18.67 m) is spread over an area of ​​500 square kilometers. Water catchment capacity -304 square mill. Total fill parity-7, 327. 50 million cubic feet Total length – 3 thousand 30 feet. Gate-13 Gate for evacuation. This is the biggest dam in western Rajasthan.

From where does the water come at Jawai Dam – Jawai Dam It is also called Amrit Sarovar of Marwar. It is also the lifeline of Jodhpur, Pali, and Jalore Where is it? Water from the Sei Dam and Kalibor Dam in Kotra village of Udaipur fills Jawai Dam through the tunnel and further through the river comes to the dam. To fill the dam, the state government has constructed a D-shaped tunnel. Water in Jawai Dam for the first time on 9 August 1977 had put Arrivals also happen from Kudal, Bijapur, Beda, and Seda villages. A canal emerges from this dam and many of its parts. Due to this village-31, 714 Khatharko’s farming is irrigated.

Jawai Dam’s attractive place – Jawai Dam is the most attractive dam built in the Pali district, many people come here for sightseeing, and there is a selfie point for the young generation.

Gulab Bagh – Many types of flowers, and trees will be seen here, it is a very big garden. Its gates are also opened when the water comes in, which is worth seeing.

Moti Mahal – Moti Mahal is also built here, which is called the guest house.

Hawa mahal – It is built on the left side of Jawai, from where Jawai dam water, natural wind, and granite rocks give us a lot to feel and see. who gets Many windows are seen here. From where very strong winds blow.

There are also two strange ticks here, it seems as if they are waiting for us, children also call them cockroach hongi.

Creatures-animals – Here there is a habitat of creatures, animals, and birds, here crocodiles are seen in large numbers in the water. wintering here for migratory birds It turns on, Siberian cranes, vultures, etc. Tourists can also see panther here. There are many caves here where bears, blue cows, foxes, hyenas, deer, panthers, wild cats,s and many animals are seen. There are 50 – 100 panthers here who never attack anyone.

The right time to visit – There is a crowd every month to see the Jawai Dam, but there is something different to visit here in winter till the month of October-March. It is fun. All living beings come out of the water and from their cave to enjoy the sun. Which we can easily see.

Facility to reach Jawai Dam – Air travel to reach here – Udaipur -155km ..3 hours, Jodhpur -164km … 4 hours. Train – Jawai Dam Railway Station | Bus Facility – Sumerpur Bus Station – 24 KM away, Sirohi – 55 KM ….. Can be reached by hired vehicle from there.

Places to visit around Jawai Dam – 1. Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple (Shivganj) 2.Dev-Giri Temple 3. The village of Rebario – where the customs Recognition, food, and drink attract tourists. 4. Higlaj Maa Temple 5. Parshavnath Jain Temple 6. Mahalakshmi Temple |

Activities to do at Jawai Dam – 1. Panther Safari – Safari is always a wonderful experience. and when you come here So here you can do a panther safari of Jawai, which is done by different resorts or campuses. Here panthers always sit on the rocks. It is said that the one who did not see the panther even after coming to Jawai, then he did not have to see it.

Bird Watching – Many types of birds come here in winter, in which we can see Siberia cranes, flamingos many birds playing in the water.

Seeing Jawai Dam – where we can also do boating.

Hunting by crocodiles – There are many crocodiles in Jawai, who come out for hunting as well as for sun exposure.

Camping and Glamping – There are many resorts that offer glamping, all the amenities are available in this tent, including plush beds, air conditioners, furniture, and all services, they are also very big from the inside.

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