Air travel during Covid-19, Basic rules everyone should follow

Air travel during Covid-19, Basic rules everyone should follow

After staying inside for months, most of us have started becoming restless and now that there are no major travel restrictions in place , we can’t wait to travel and explore once again.

Some of us need to travel for work while the rest of us just for the sake of exploring. But in either case, we need to take maximum precautions in order to avoid being vulnerable and getting infection with the novel coronavirus.

The first step is to choose a flight or airline wisely, here are a few things you need to check before selecting a particular airline

Are they blocking the middle seats 

Many airlines just for the sake of their own profit will risk your life by not blocking the middle seats on the plane. Avoid boarding these flights.

Check for their cleaning policy

It is preferable to take planes which are cleaned after every flight.

  • Carry face masks and hand sanitisers without fail.
  • Try choosing the back seats when you’re with your family as it gives you more aisle space and if traveling solo go for the window seat.
  • Clean before you sit, especially the seat belt as it is considered to be one of the dirtiest parts of the seat along with armrests and tray tables.
  • Avoid using the bathroom anywhere on the airport or on the airplane. But if it’s an urgency take maximum precautions as it is one place which has maximum germs.
  • Avoid eating at the airport as they might not have very good sanitation practices in place.
  • Keep natural immunity boosting supplements like Vitamin C which will keep you protected throughout.
  • Even with the masks on, avoiding talking to anyone for too long.
  • And at last, avoid traveling if you have even the slightest of symptoms.Conclusion

    The world is going through an unprecedented time and we should hope that it doesn’t last long, till then we need to be safe and one advice that we should all follow is to avoid traveling until and unless very necessary.

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