Why do we need a power bank ?

Why do we need a power bank ?
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Power banks are used to provide portable power to charge batteries, that have a USB interface.

Power Bank Needed – Power bank is a strong battery, which can be charged with a USB charger and kept in your pocket, whether you are traveling, walking, playing, listening, or Using the internet net, it gives the facility to charge again when the battery of mobile, laptop, etc. is exhausted.

Types of Power Bank- Ordinary Power Bank – These are very thick and big, and features are not given much because they are of less money, This power bank has very large cells, and it weighs more.

Thin Power Bank – These power banks are thinner than other power banks, less in weight, and smaller in size. Which we can easily keep in our pockets too. The cost of these power banks is very high, they do not have cells.

Fast Charging Power Bank – These power banks charge the smartphone at a fast speed and also get charged quickly, which also saves time. It is simple and thin. Power banks come in both categories, they also come in different speeds like 2.0 amps, and 3.0 amps. Their cost is also very high.

Laptop Power Bank – If you have both a laptop and a smartphone, then you can take the same power bank that can charge both, but they are much bigger and more expensive.

Wireless Power Bank – Always charging the device with wire can be a bit troublesome, a wireless power bank also gives us this facility.

Speaker Power Bank – With which you can charge the phone as well as listen to songs from its speaker etc. In this way, there are many power banks that are useful for us in different ways.

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