Girls are threatened by their boyfriends: Step parents should take

Does sexting create this huge problem in this internet world? The girl who was torched by her boyfriend. They were in a relationship for the last 2 years. This love was started in her high school. They spend their total time with each other. They used to meet on their weekends and sometimes in week days skipping their lecture. The love started growing, Physical relationship started. She was trusting him alot. Because of physical intimacy and  all the times on vacations they had to leave for home after college.

This is the point where they started doing sexting. The guy had the desire towards her so they started sharing pictures, videos that were very very personal. The girl was tired of doing it and she told him that she can’t do this anymore. Boy started him pushing to have sex and if she refuses then he will leak her photo and videos.He started her threatening.

Now the girl was so alone. she couldn’t even say to anyone because she was in fear that her family would know that her career would be destroyed. Her parents believe that she has taken advantage of their trust. They will stop her from  going out, also for college. Phone will be taken and every step will be taken against her. She was completely helpless and she locked herself from everyone. Boys threaten her for 4 to 5 months. And one day he leaked her photo around her friend circle. Girl gets a call from his friend that her pictures are leaked.

Then she steps for overdose pills but luckily on time her parents take her to hospital. But then too she lied and told them that she is in fear of her future and education. After some months the boy called her and told her I am sorry. But she didn’t reply till now the boy didn’t message her after that. But still after years the girl is still in fear, what if the boy still has those pictures? What if he starts threatening her again? Now she can’t trust anyone. She doesn’t even let others click her pictures.

Here what if a girl has open minded parents? I think she must not go through this much. Parents should understand exactly what the point is. They should stop blaming girls not only parents but our society starts blaming girls. People think that girl has done by herself. Stop blaming girls.
According to my point of view parents should try and help them. Spend some time and be child friends. Don’t let them hide their problems from you. Society should take action against the criminal rather than blaming the girl.

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