Abusive relationships can breakdown your mental and emotional peace

Abusive relationships can breakdown your mental and emotional peace
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Every story point is different but all in that there are some common points in them, that one should know in an abusive relationship.

 Relationships can affect your mental state in many ways that literally change your thinking. Abusive relationship whether it can be- Physical, emotional, sexually abusive. One person controls another person and manipulates. Relationships can be between anyone: a caretaker, life partner, parents, friends etc. 

Abusive relationships can affect so bad that can lead to long term depression and low self esteem. This type of relationship can turn into habit and the victim thinks that’s their fault. They go with this for a long period and think they deserve this. 

Types of abuse relationship- Common points you should know that this is abusive

  • Constant checking to control your behavior.
  •  Insult your feelings. 
  •  Make you do things which you don’t want to do.
  • Always says you are hopeless, crazy. 
  • Blackmails you to take away things which are important to you. 
  • You start ignoring your needs for theirs.
  • Your partner always blame you for their behavior change 
  • You feel helpless
  • They start saying that you use them.
  • If you cry and tell them your problem they ignore it.
  • Always tell your friends that you are unstable.
  • They have unpredictable temper.
  • Your partner limits  your access to your phone.
  • Start threatening you, slapping you.
  • Always blames you for their own problems

One controls you in such a way that you can’t even talk to them, afraid and fears that they can get anger. You always skip the topic or avoid talking about such topics that can make them more problematic for you. 

We can be afraid of leaving this complicated relationship. You should talk to someone about this and share everything. Talk to your parents, friend anyone to whom you can trust. See  you are not alone in this you can tackle this situation. 

You can also get help from many helpline numbers available. And get out of this abusive relationship.

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