Samsung S23 Ultra – The Android Beast

Samsung S23 Ultra – The Android Beast
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Recently Samsung unveils their latest and top-notch mobile device series i.e., the Samsung S23 series. For every tech enthusiast especially for the love of handsets, the start of the year is known as the Samsung time and the end of the year as Apple time because during this period these giants reveal their big monster of space and this year was no different.

In the S23 series, the biggest attention seeker is the Samsung S23 Ultra which is the latest and greatest device in the android space with all the top-of-the-class specifications and performance. Unboxed as a boxy design against its predecessor but with a best-in-class hand feel and with a 6.8-inch adaptive 120hz QHD display that makes it looks gigantic and premium. It is following the same level of peak 1750 nits brightness that comes along in the previous generation of the device but being a Samsung display, this would have no complaints in the outdoor visibility, and over that the greatest screen protection of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 will save your heart in case of a sudden fall from your hand.

In terms of SoC, anything less than 4nm based Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 would not justify its worth and capabilities and even the snapdragon team has specially designed an overclocked 3.36 Ghz processor against the usual 3.2 Ghz soc, throw anything on it and will handle it just like a piece of cake.

Coming to the camera, the S22 Ultra was known for its best photography and high-level zooming abilities but with the new S23 Ultra, Samsung has raised the bar and moved the primary sensor from 108 MP to 200 MP that will not miss any details in the shots that would be captured in it. Even the other cameras have a significant jump in their capabilities than the earlier ones that will keep you in dilemma for a DSLR. The megapixels of the front camera have been reduced from a 40MP shooter to a 12MP shooter but will this mean a downgrade? Not with this beast, as the image processing quality and sensors will make you believe that numbers can lie.

Finally, Samsung has decided to upgrade from their 25W charger to a 45W charger for the flagship device but still the current 45W is way too less for the competition and the price that they are demanding. However, it can be said that the train has started moving and soon will take the speed to outshine the competition in this space as well. 5000MAH battery with such a power-efficient device and technology will give you at least a day full of entertainment without fail and fear of forgetting the charger Or power bank at home.

Being a 5G device with and huge price point, Samsung has ensured to deliver the best and latest for each segment of the device. Be it the IP68 rating or the latest Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Not only this, the company has promised to give major OS updates for 4 years and security updates for 5 years to make sure the users would have a chance to experience Android 17 without spending any additional penny.

Samsung S23 Ultra seems to be a worthful device and compared with the competition the pricing looks justified yet there are many things to see how it works on a daily basis and whether will it deliver the same smoothness and feel that the company is claiming Or somewhere lag behind in the race, that will be answered later.

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