What is the importance of internet in the field of education?

What is the importance of internet in the field of education?
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What is the Internet – The Internet “is a network connecting all the computers of the world” with the help of this, all the computers of the world are connected with each other so that we can easily exchange data from one computer to another.  Can do

Work done through the internet – In today’s technology era, the internet is being used in many places like – education, science, medicine, agriculture, forms for jobs, buying and selling goods online, railway, airplane, bus, car, booking sitting at home, many types of calls, reading eBook, etc.  Nowadays, work is being done not only in the city but also in every village through the medium of the internet.

 Importance of the Internet in the field of education – Nowadays, the Internet is very important in every work, but the importance of the Internet in the field of education has increased so much that without it, you cannot get complete knowledge of any subject.  Before the invention of the internet, information used to reach people very slowly, but today we get all the information about the country and abroad within a few seconds while sitting at home.

  1. Getting online education – The Internet is such a medium where many websites are available, where students only have to log in, and they can get information about different subjects. Nowadays, the importance of online education has increased so much that students give more time to the internet for their studies, and get many types of information in no time. covid-19 was a time when the whole world was locked down.  It was going on, only then there was an online education that connected the students with knowledge.  In which the teachers were teaching the students by taking online classes.
  2. Internet trends in educational institutions – It has helped a lot in maintaining records of students in educational institutions, records of universities and schools, etc.  You can also learn, like 10th and 12th syllabus, engineering, medical, competition, and online business education can be obtained through the internet.
  3. Distance Education – Distance education and teaching can also be made easy with the Internet, we can get a good education from anywhere in the country through the net. We can learn everything in less time and at less cost.
  4. E-learning – This means taking education through electronic devices and digital media is called e-learning.  Which includes web-based learning, mobile-based learning, computer-based learning, etc.
  5. In the field of communication – through the internet, you can easily talk to any person sitting at home, if you want to know about a particular subject, then with the help of communication, you can talk to your friend or teacher about it or  Can also make video calls.
  6. As a computer – The computer is considered to be one of the best tools of education, it has contributed a lot to education. Every student learns something from the computer lab which is useful and important for their future. The student gets special information related to technology.
  7. Teleconferencing in Higher Education.
  8. M-learning.
  9. E-Bookshop.
  10. Digital Library.

Conclusion – The use of the Internet for education has increased a lot, learning from the Internet has become much easier in higher educational institutions, and its proper use can improve the quality of educational resources.  Broaden the scope of teachers to prepare lessons and teach students


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