What is global warming?

What is global warming?
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Global warming (global temperature) has become the biggest problem of the whole world today, and due to this, the problem in both humans and nature is increasing.

Contents- 1. What is Global Warming?

2 . Due to global warming?

3. Effect of global warming?

What is global warming – The literal meaning of global warming is – “warming of the earth”, the increase in the average temperature of the earth due to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is called global warming, and because of this, there are changes in the climate and environment. change happens.

A seminal paper by Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius in 1896 first predicted that changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide could substantially alter temperatures via the greenhouse effect.

The term global warming was coined in 1975 by Wallace Broecker, a professor, and researcher at Columbia University.

Causes of Global Warming- Global warming happens due to two reasons, 1. Human Causes 2. Natural Causes.

Use of vehicles – Today we use vehicles for our convenience, but when driven for a short distance, many types of gases are emitted, vehicles burn fossil ethane, which releases a large amount of carbon dioxide. , due to which there is an increase in temperature.

Greenhouse effect – This is also called the greenhouse effect, if we look at greenhouse gases, they include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride. Due to the increase of these gases, there is an increase in the temperature.

Deforestation – Trees are called the “Lungs of the Earth”, today trees are being cut by humans for their convenience, and trees are helpful in reducing carbon dioxide. Due to their deficiency, the level of carbon dioxide is increasing, due to which the temperature is also increasing.

Chloro-fluorocarbons – The gas emanating from the air conditioners and refrigerators that we use today, chloro-fluorocarbons, which affect the ozone layer in the atmosphere, The ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun, but CFCs deplete the ozone layer, which allows ultraviolet rays to reach the earth directly, which increases the temperature of the earth.

Industrial Development – Ever since the beginning of industrialization, the temperature of the earth has been rising since then, and poisonous emissions from factories are working to dissolve poison in the environment.

Expansion of population – The increasing population is also promoting global warming.

Forest fire – This is a natural phenomenon, a large amount of carbon-rich smoke comes out due to fire in the forests, which increases the temperature of the earth by dissolving in the atmosphere.

Volcano – Volcano is considered to be the biggest natural cause promoting global warming, the ash and smoke emanating from the eruption of volcano mix in the atmosphere and affect the climate.

Mining, water vapor, agriculture, power plants, electricity generators, oil refining, etc. are the reasons which are increasing global warming.

Effects of global warming-

It is affecting the ecosystem badly, it is harming the coral reefs, which is ending the life of marine plants and animals.

Changes in climate– Due to this, natural calamities like cyclones, storms, floods, droughts, and rain remain at any time, this is the result of climate imbalance.

Desertification – Global warming is ending the fertile soil of the earth, and gradually the land is becoming barren.

Increase in temperature – Due to global warming, there is a lot of increase in temperature, since 1880 till now the temperature has increased by 1 degree Celsius. due to which the glaciers are melting, which Increases the water level of the sea, which can be seen in the coastal areas in the coming times. Areas of melting ice around the world include Greenland, Antarctica, and mountain glaciers.

Changes in ocean currents – This affects the speed, direction, and shape of ocean currents.

Health problems – Global warming is causing many diseases, such as – malaria, dengue, yellow fever, respiratory diseases, and many such infectious diseases are increasing.

There are many such effects of natural loss etc. which are increasing due to global warming which is a big problem for the whole world.

Conclusion – Global warming is a global problem, it can destroy the entire human race and nature, there is a hole in the ozone layer and ultraviolet rays reach the earth directly from the earth. And the increase in greenhouse gases is promoting global warming, efforts should be made fast to prevent this.

To reduce global warming, it is necessary that -” Save the environment, the earth will survive “.

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