Social Media Addiction: How to avoid using phone? Few points

Social Media Addiction: How to avoid using phone? Few points

Lately social media has become one inseparable part of our lives. Most of us spend more of our time and attention than we would like to on these social media platforms.

Try asking yourself this question, don’t you check your phone the moment you open your eyes. There is this sense of eagerness to know if there’s a text from someone or did they send that particular document etc.

It comes with tons of benefits and in some way it has made our lives easier but it also comes with its own set of drawbacks.

We need to understand that these social media platforms are meticulously designed and engineered in such a way that will make you spend more and more time on them.

Apart from various health related issues, one major drawback is that it makes you more sad.

A recent study confirms that excessive use of social media can make you feel worse.

We spend most of our time scrolling through our social media feed that shows the highlight of people’s lives and knowingly or unknowingly we start comparing ourselves with them.These comparisons can sometimes damper your happiness.

So the question of the century is how can we use social media wisely without facing any drawbacks?

Here are some simple ideas

  • Mute all the Notifications
  • Hide the apps from plain sight
  • Try using social media apps on your computer instead of your phone
  • Limit social media to a specific time of day


So to answer the question, should we quit social media?

The answer is no. If it helps in making your life easier even a bit, you should definitely use it, but all we need to be is just a little wise while using it and we are good to go.

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