New act to control digital media: Are people aware of this?

New act to control digital media: Are people aware of this?

The news and current affairs content on the online platforms should have been added under the sub-category ‘press’. But it has been placed under the head ‘films’. Constitution of India authorised pre-censorship of films. This act says that  ‘films and audio visual programmes made available by online content providers’ and news and current affairs on online platforms’ would be brought under the ministry.

The online space is governed by the information technology act 2000. The government drops super Powers from this enactment to block, filter and take down the content online. The executive can issue orders turning off the internet services completely.

Blocking the internet services is the highest form of limitation on the media and communication. Under section 69A of the IT act, online content can also be and is taken down entirely.

People misuse audios and spread fake news around. Some fake news leads to dangerous wars between people and the government. People easily influenced each other with fake news. It is important to stop this and we as a citizen should stop this. Social media nowadays are leading into some major problems. On which governments are taking some strict actions.

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