Has Indian journalism reached its lowest level?

Has Indian journalism reached its lowest level?
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Our minds have battled with this question  since so long. Lately we have witnessed the standards of Indian Journalism drop really low.

So what is the problem with Indian journalism Let’s take a look.

1. They lack empathy

Do you see this? This is minutes after the news of Sushant Singh suicide broke out. Several journalists barged into his family home. It was such a crucial time for his family but the media showed no sense of empathy and sensibility. They were hovering mics and cameras over his father as face and were asking baseless questions. One of the relatives was continuously requesting the media to leave them alone for some time but all in vain.

2. They lack credibility

They shout on top of their lungs over some fake Whatsapp forwards. There were several other instances where some media channels were shamelessly covering baseless and fake news. Now it could be due to lazy journalism or could be some deliberate attempt towards some agenda.

3. Unnecessary focus on irrelevant things

There are a lot of issues which need to be addressed and given attention to

But instead of talking about those issues they simply focus on things which are of least importance.

4. Politically influenced journalists

Though the media market has expanded over the years but it has also been criticized for being biased towards a particular political party.

There are journalists resigning and getting fired due to the huge political and corporate pressure.

Conclusion: As viewers and listeners it is also our responsibility to act sane and not blindly believe in whatever crap they throw at us.

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