Top 5 pets for kids: Human love and best companionship pet

Top 5 pets for kids: Human love and best companionship pet

According to source 3.2 million pets are adopted worldwide in a year. Pets are something that everyone should have in their life. They reduce loneliness, anxiety, stress and give best companionship. They are so much sensible. They also give us emotional support. Kids should have pets. It will increase their responsibility and self activity most.

People should not buy pets, rather than adopt them. Treat them like your family member.

Here are some top 5 pets

Dog: People say that dogs are better than humans. Yes they keep us safe, make us friends and  treat us like their best friend.Dogs make strong bonds with their favorite person. They love that person unconditionally. Energy and sense level match with humans. The best cuddle and love you can get from them. Dogs never make you feel alone. 

Cat: The cute face and innocence attracts you a lot. Cats are also like dogs; they also respect their owners a lot. The way they sleep on your lap and rub their body on your legs face is the best moment of your happiness. Cats like sleeping with you if she builds her trust on you. 

Rabbit: Rabbit can consistently interact with you and love humans. If you really need a small size pet then rabbit can be on your list. But they need so much care. They are wonderful indoor pets. Rabbits need good exercise and a healthy diet.

Painted turtle: Painted turtles have a great lifespan. For beginners they are the best choice. They can be put in a small pond, tank, but also there should be regular fresh water. They need both sunny and shady areas. Make sure in the tank there must be some dry area. You can enjoy them for longtime.

Fish: Beautiful colourful tiny and small fishes can make your look home more attractive. Low maintenance and inexpensive are the things people love most. Fish are in tank and need not more space in home. Goldfish, bettas are commonly found everywhere. Fishes can calm anyone. Watching them in water make feel so better. But also they need a good environment and caretaker. 

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