Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions 2021: Make Them easy And Real

Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions 2021: Make Them easy And Real
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According to some research, only 46% of people who made new year resolutions were successful. Every new year people come with their plans and they start according to that. Hoping for some good positive changes such as in health, Business, Studies, Financial. People start making their resolutions according to their approach. With full of joy and new power they start their new year. 

This year was totally different. People never thought they are going to sit not only one day but for 8-7 months at home, no travelling, no hanging. 2020 made so much  change in people’s habits and in their lifestyle. However this year was stressful, People were alone and some were feeling low. People also enjoyed learning new things in this pandemic. Let’s start this year so fresh and full of new motivation. So here are some resolutions that you can find common in you and start working on it. 

          1. 1. Do what you actually like: Yes people go and run around the things which they are not meant to do. Influence your mind on what makes you happy. Start asking yourself what you like. Don’t choose your way according to others. 
          2. 2. Set your goal: Do what you like and work towards it. Practise it daily, follow each step to go closer to your goal. If your goal is big, then break it in different parts to make it easy. Progress in every part.
          3. 3. Start cooking: Start cooking different meals. Learn and make your own diet plan. Cooking is the thing that everyone should know. So yes, at least prepare one dish learn it once in a week.
          4. 4. Sart a dream diary: Write everything in it. Small thing you want to do. The things you are done. The work which you still working on it. It keeps you maintained . You can set to do list in it. It will keep you updated without your phone. Draw something in it and make it so beautiful.
          5. 5. Read: Reading new books, novels, magazines improves your knowledge. It gives you lots of ideas, and communication skills are improved. It takes you to a new place and a new side of the world. 
          6.  6. Start doing meditation: Start doing meditation for 10 mins daily. It will increase physical energy, reduce anxiety and depression. It gives you peace and a balanced state of mind. 
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