Role of decision making in life

Role of decision making in life
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On everyday basis, people come across decisions at every step, in which they are eternally confused about the outcome of each choice. It means everyone has a lot of “if and but” situations in life. Many times in our life we reach a situation where we ponder about what should we do, so it is your ability of making strong and logical decisions that can only drag you out from the current situation .

Conscious decisions and unconscious decisions 

Conscious decisions are decisions which are made by involvement of your conscious mind, whereas unconscious decisions are very quick and a natural body response .We have to make a lot of decisions throughout our lives. We make infinite decisions at every step and stage as we grow. We have to think and make our decisions according to our needs. Some might be made consciously, and others are made unconsciously. Some decisions don’t need much thinking like what to eat or what to wear but some decisions we have to carefully make depending upon our needs, like choosing the right institution, choosing our career, business expansion for profit, and marriage.

Your decision shows your intellect

Unfortunately, the choices made by us are mostly made unconsciously not realizing that it is up to us to make the decision. If one is being rude to you, you would most probably be offended, but if one compliments you, you would unknowingly be flattered. However, it is up to you if you want to be offended or flattered, if someone insults you or is rude to you, you may decide not to react, or if one compliments you, you may decide not to be flattered.

Experiences makes reflexes 

Reflexes are the responses of the body to a certain situation, situations which we have experienced many times. From our experiences, we develop reflexes, and our reactions are a result of these reflexes. The responses we give happen automatically depending upon the circumstances of the situations we face. We forget we make decisions all the time, but these decisions are simply made unintentionally. This concludes that even though we have endless choices, most of the time, our choices tend to be very limited and predictable, so learning from the past make your future decisions .

Life is just a series of decisions

To come to the realm of making decisions consciously, we have to first think of the consequences of our decision, deep down in our hearts, we know the outcomes. Furthermore, think if the decision makes us and others, happy and content. If it is a yes, go ahead and do it, if it is a no, do not make the decision. When we use this method regarding issues concerning our health, whether it is regarding our exercise routine or fighting a disease, its significance is drastically increased. Desire is nothing without intention. Intention is the true potential behind our ambitions. Our goals might be about the future, but our attention should be on the present because the future is created by the actions of the present.

The present life that we are living is a result of the decisions we have made in the past, whether we like it or not.

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