Life after Covid 19 in India

Life after Covid 19 in India
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Currently, the entire world is under the grip of a disastrous pandemic and as a result we are all going through one of the most unprecedented times. In the last few months our lives have completely changed especially in a way no one would have ever imagined. The ongoing crisis has cast a veil of uncertainty over the world. From staying in for an extended period to practicing social distancing, we are all learning to cope up with the new normal. While it’s difficult to foretell how long this pandemic will last but it’s easier and safer to say that some things will never go back to being normal

India being the 5th largest economy, was considered to be one of the most successful economies in the world. But the pandemic has completely changed it. With over two million confirmed cases reported, India has now become one of the worst hit countries.

Now the question of the century is that how will life unfold in the country post Covid 19. Will the country get back to being normal anytime soon? If no, then what major changes will we get to see.

Some of the examples on how life might look post Covid in India

1. WFH- The new normal

In the past few months, we have seen how Work from home has become more than just a popular hashtag. In India currently around 5 million people are working from home. Since there are no major business impacts, companies are more likely to take it as a permanent way forward. Companies will drift their focus more towards revising WFH policies and remodeling workspaces in order to ensure safety of its employees

2.Improvement in personal Health and public Hygiene

This pandemic has really been an eye opener for most of the people who never really took their health factor seriously. As a result, more and more people will shift their focus towards other important things in life like Yoga, Meditation physical exercises etc. Considering the fact that India is a country with a population of 1.2 billion, public health is something that is one of the most significant aspects in the country. Due to the nature of the spread of the virus, more and more stringent laws will be kept in place to ensure public hygiene.

3. Introduction to Telemedicine

Amid the pandemic, the Indian government has been widely endorsing telemedicine.  Although this facility is only limited to the internet accessible class, it has encouraged both patients and doctors to look for fresh processes of consultation. This will definitely bridge the gap between urban and rural medical facilities. Consequently, we can say that telepathy is here to stay.

4. More focus on Healthcare sector

We can expect the investments in this sector to boom in the coming years. Government is taking and will continue to take serious efforts to restore the healthcare industry. In order to ensure 100% preparedness to combat the covid-19 legacy, the government will ultimately start investing in additional manpower and required equipment.

5. Take-Always will overshadow Dine-ins

No matter how much we miss sitting and chilling at our favorite restaurant. Café or dhaba the sense of fear of the virus will never completely fade away. People would rather opt for take-always or doorstep deliveries instead of going to a vulnerable place exposing themselves to various risks. Similarly, OTT platforms would somewhat replace the multiplex culture

6. Masks- A must

Stepping out with a mask would become normal and a must. Government could come up with various laws in place in order to make sure people do not step out without a mask.

7. Saving for the rainy day

The pandemic has surely taught us the importance of saving for the rainy day. Amid the pandemic millions of people have lost their jobs. Those who were wise enough to save some fortune were able to live off those savings. Others who were living hand to mouth are unfortunately struggling to survive.

8. Reduction In business travel

With so many alternatives booming during the covid-19, business travels will become limited. Instead corporations will switch to various other virtual technologies like video conferencing and Zoom/Webex meetings.


The pandemic has hit us hard, unsettling various aspects but we cannot overlook the fact that it has also brought in this huge wave of change. A positive change. We have all evolved into a globally unified world. As understandable as it seems, post Covid world is still a question mark for most of us. Till then,  all we can do is hope for the best.

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