How to glow up mentally and physically for 2021

How to glow up mentally and physically for 2021

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself why I look ugly, fat, unworthy, useless. We’re just like glow sticks, in order to shine sometimes we need to break. Say you only have 1 month left, so make it worth it. Starting now, let’s have both mental and physical glow up.

Step 1- Write down your goals: why, when are you going to do this. Get a beautiful journal, use coloured pens to make it bright and write down your plans. Make it you, make it pretty, put in pictures to help guide you to your goals. Write inspiring quotes because research shows that by doing this you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal if you write them down on a regular basis.

Step 2- Change your toxic habits: checking your phone right after waking up is very toxic. As it creates distractions by stacking you with new messages, social media, etc and this often creates a feeling of stress and anxiety. Let’s say you were supposed to wake up and brush your teeth, but as soon as you look at your screen, you can’t stop scrolling, checking, texting, shopping, emailing and looking like you wasted more than 10 minutes of your day.

So, as soon as you wake up, ignore your phone and drink a cup of water. Research shows that drinking water on an empty stomach helps increase energy level, boost metabolism, strengthen your immune system, aid in weight loss and fight toxin out of your body. Read a book. Your unfinished novel.

You can also do some exercise. Then take a bath, prepare your breakfast, learn how to cook. This can save time, increase productivity and prevent procrastination. Shut down your phone before going to bed to prevent radiation and distraction. Sleep early.

Step 3- Hygiene: firstly make your bed every morning. This will make you realise that you have accomplished the 1st task of the day making sure you feel proud, productive and motivated to start your day. The following task would be much easier once you’ve done this. Wash your bedsheets. 

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