How they become part of our family?

How they become part of our family?
Image Credit- unsplash

All we know now that pets have been family and love we get from them is unconditional.

Some research shows that adopting pets are best because people lose their problems such as anxiety and also they get so engaged with them. Soon their bond became so strong.

Today I am going to talk about dogs. It  is  seen to be the best pet around the world.

Dogs are the most honest pet. Most of the family have dogs in their house so there are so many different breeds of dogs. Now there are classes for them to teach how to behave, even now street dogs are having some NGO working for them to give food and shelter.

People go on walks with them do some fun activity, I think pets are best to do exercise.

They keep our Health good. There should be a proper schedule for them.

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