Does instagram give you positivity in your life: Positive quotes

Does instagram give you positivity in your life: Positive quotes
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According to the ‘The hindu’ research we get to know about 61% of people use their phones within 5 mins of waking up. That 5 min can totally change your mind and day. But how does social media decide our mood? If I see something good obviously it can give me a good spark in the day. But if I see something negative totally changes my mind. 

Quotes are something people on social media post for each other. If someone relates it, then hit them in many different ways. Quotes are shared to many people early in the morning. Good quotes can give you positivity for the day. So read something best inspirational. 

I personally read so many quotes in a day, many of them I relate with myself. I keep sharing with my friends and end up with discussion on the quotes. They also help us to sense how someone can feel. I personally read quotes on life, hard work, advice etc. 

You can find quotes related to relationships, cool, saasy, hard work, frndship, best friends, parents. Quotes are something that help us to improve our day and give us clear lessons. Few lines show us total memories.

There are some best quotes pages you can find on instagram

  1. 1.  The Good Quote- @thegoodquote
  2. 2. Entrepreneur- @entrepreneur
  3. 3. The Female Hustlers- @thefemalehustlers
  4. 4. Najwa Zebian- @najwazzebian
  5. 5. Happy Inspiration- @happsters
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