Adolescent – A life hard to live

Adolescent – A life hard to live

Often called and identified as teenagers, the age of somewhere 16 to 19 or let’s say 20 where we just left the teenage tag behind in our prolong journey is not an easy phase of anyone’s life. The best and the worst feeling that a kid of this age would feel is “I have an ocean full of thoughts and power to achieve anything that I wanted to but where to go?” Now, when I think about myself during that time, even though I crossed that beautiful yet adrenaline journey still it feels like they have a very easy and classy life where at some point in time they have been addressed a mature enough to take up any task but, on another hand, we are still kids when it comes to taking our own decision or gearing up for some risk.

Complete Dilemma 

No matter how easy a parent or a grown-up person should say about life but no one can’t deny the experience of feeling the dilemma at this age. We all have seen and felt the pressure of numerous things varying from studies to sports to building our lives and indulging ourselves in the fast-paced world where we have to accept and follow what is happening in society whether we are in it or not and that’s where the term “Peer Pressure” comes into the play. The question that we all have at this point is whether should we proceed or stop and try to break the queue, time flies while finding answers to such question, and ended up chasing the road which we feel have fewer hurdles and make us stay connected to our comfort zone.

Adolescent Life

Peer Pressure

This not only applies to a kid between the said range but we all have felt it in our lives now and then the twist is we as an adult have the capacity to absorb that pressure and continue to live out what we are doing whereas a teenager is the most influenced section by this because of not having that power and the dream of having everything in a snap of our fingers. We often have seen and advised them not to be in a situation that is not good for us but have we ever wondered why we did so? The simple answer is we all are very much aware that at one place they will find someone who can motivate them to walk a path that is not right for them and that’s the reason nowadays most of the teenage community is involved in such acts which are considered to be sin for them at this point of time but they have adopted this very well either by their own or by the motivation of their known.

Real Test

Whatever we say, this is not easy to live and follow but this is what it taught us at the very beginning of our lives to stay strong and how to deal with a tough situations. It is a start of a never-ending test with no scope of failure because every step and action taken during this to make it easier will determine how our forthcoming exams would be.

The way to crack this is to accept the challenges that come and determined your mind to be ready for action. As quoted “No adolescent ever wants to be understood, which is why they complain about being misunderstood all the time but still find a way to deal with it.” Be a person that can answer any questions and that will easily make you pass with flying colours as the punches of various problems will come into your road but stopping would never be an option.

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