Yes man also face mental illness, society should understand

Yes man also face mental illness, society should understand
Image Credit- unsplash

The recent SSR case in India shows how people as well as the media denies Mental health issues in people more specifically in men.

This belief is hugely reflected in the tone and attitude with which the media has reported the SSR case.

Initially when it seemed to be a case of suicide, there was a collective surprise and disbelief among the masses, at the possibility that a man who seemed to have everything going for him.

In terms of career and wealth, could have suffered from psychological difficulty in his private life.

Our entire culture and civilization is built upon the assumption that a man is immune to psychological pain, that he can shed off all his anxiety and trauma merely by bulging his chest and directing his frustration into a drive to achieve more in life.

We need to find innovative ways to create awareness as well as to strengthen psychosocial support to people.

When your chest aches and your head is swimming with all your faults and all your flaws and you can’t seem to find your footing, remember that fear is a liar.

That you have been here before and will breathe again.

Remember that you are enough. Always enough.

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