Top 6 foods you must add to your winter diet for acne-free glowing skin

Top 6 foods you must add to your winter diet for acne-free glowing skin
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People go with lot of skin problems. Having healthy skin is what everyone wishes for. There are many reasons why we get pimples, acne, pores etc. Our diet plan can affect our skin, healthy eating is needed for good skin. If our digestive system is not good, periods are not on time. This problem can infect our skin. Face skin is so sensitive.

so here are winter diet for acne free skin 

  • Orange- The most juicy fruit makes a comeback in winter with a splash. Eating one orange or drinking a glass of orange juice every day helps flush the toxins and clean your skin from within.
  • Nuts- Almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pistachios . These nuts have omega 3 fatty acids, which are really very healthy fats which keeps you warm while getting rid of unhealthy oils deposited in the skin layers. Eating a handful of them daily can be of great use.
  • Green Vegetables- When it’s winter, everywhere we can see is greenery. It is full of vibrant greens. Spinach, cabbage, fenugreek, mustard – get all the fresh winter greens home and make skin-friendly meals with them every day. They can do wonders to our skin. 
  • Sweet Potatoes And Carrots- Dermatologist Deepali Bhardwaj explains, “Foods rich in vitamin A help shrink sweat glands, reduce pore size and minimise bacterial infections.” Sweet potatoes and carrots are good sources of vitamin A and can easily be found in the winter produce.
  • Green Tea- Nothing warms us up than a hot cup of tea in the nippy evenings. As soon as the warm sunlight fades away, have a warm cup of green tea with honey. Green tea has antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds that can help fight acne.
  • Lentils And Pulses- The fibre and protein rich foods help a great deal in keeping skin free of problems. Lentils and pulses contain amino acids that don’t break into sugar, avoiding oil secretions.
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