Some tiny habits that can have a huge impact on life (Fight against obesity)

Some tiny habits that can have a huge impact on life (Fight against obesity)
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“You cannot change your future, you can change your habits. And surely your habits will change your future”

-Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam


Nowadays in our fast-moving life our habits and routine are situation driven, haphazard and unplanned which leads us into auto-pilot mode of life where we are not taking decision and not driving the vehicle of life and of course with it we will never be able to reach our desired goal, like fight against obesity.

Solution –> So for achieving our goal we must take on the driver seat because life only gets better if you are deliberate about your habits. Mindfully design your day, pay full attention to your daily behavior and habits. These small yet consistent changes will lead to sustainable fruitful results.

Problem of obesity –

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) more than 1 billion people worldwide are obese and obesity is the root cause of many diseases which decreases our life quality. Here are some reasons for obesity:

1. Having large amounts of processed or fast food.

2. Drinking too much alcohol.

3. Eating more food than your body requirement.

4. Drinking too many sugary drinks.

5. Lack of physical activities.

6. Can be genetic.

7. In some cases it may be due to medical condition.


 Remedy -> With some lifestyle habits you can decrease the chance of getting obese. These small changes of today will give a better tomorrow.  Here are habits mentioned which you can adapt to avoid obesity:

1. Keep your surroundings clean – Before leaving your place organize all the things at its proper place. This results in having a managed environment hence saving your time, as well as keeping you in a calorie burning mode.

2. Keep a shopping list which includes necessary day-to-day items – With this simple habit you will save your time and stop yourself from buying unwanted sugary and highly processed food.

3. Create interesting weekly meal plan – You can plan it in your free time and buy all necessary groceries. Without a meal plan you can easily get diverted or tempted towards unhealthy food

4. Take time bound task – Fix some time to all your daily activities and finish it in a stipulated time. This habit can help you in saving your time and keep your body in an active mood.

5.  Be strict on water drinking reminders – Water is simple, cheap and healthy so first develop the habit of drinking water at regular interval. With this you can also save your money.

6. Sleep – Sleep is an effective medicine. Most people do not take sleep seriously but the truth is that we can eliminate many of our daily problem just by sleeping better and longer. While sleeping, our body rejuvenates and prepares for the day ahead.

7. Say “yes” to stairs – Up until quite recently, many people have started working from home and their movement has declined significantly, so it becomes necessary that whenever you go outside, prefer stairs and take the longer route for local market. In this way you can get some extra steps without much effort.

8. Make budget – Following a fixed budget will always lead to a more managed life. If you are struggling with money, then it is the best way to track your expenses. It also resists you from spending money on junk food.

9. Volunteer yourself for physical work- In this way you will not only help out other people, it will also keep you fit and energetic.

10. Go for the farthest or the outermost parking slot- This habit will force you to be more physically active and keep you obsessed with fitness.

11. Have full control on what you scroll on screen- A very shocking truth is that most people allow their smartphones to make them feel worse and stressed instead of being a better and more knowledgeful version of themselves. Your phone is a powerful tool only when you know how to use it, ensure your content on phone you see makes you feel good rather than stressful and wisely spare your time for other physical activities.

12. Eat Nutritious food –Eat more raw fruits and vegetables for maintain the body’s physiology.

13. Find ways to get yourself busy –Keep yourself busy in learning some new activities that will help you to stay away from food.

14. Pack your lunch – Whenever you are out for a full day keep your lunch box with you so that you cannot go for unhealthy food.

15. Wear a pedometer- Start the habit of wearing a step tracking device. Such type of device motivates you for your completion of the goal.

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