Relations – A big contributor of your Health

Relations – A big contributor of your Health
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Relationships are often described as a bond between 2 individuals that keep you connected but that is not the only case, it can be between anyone whether with a living person to a non-living object, or even in some cases it is a place or an act, or an event. We have seen many times that a person is so attached to that one object/thing that they might have achieved after a lot of hard work or patience.

We may have not observed this but one big fact is that whether a relationship is good or bad, it will contribute to one mental and physical well-being. A good one will always keep you alive and will help you to release a good amount of happy hormone within you that will reflect in your overall mindset, thoughts, and personality whereas a bad one will do just the opposite of this as it will fill you with anger and hatred towards that person and relation which make you tensed, overthinking about that and may lead to taking such steps which may not be needed.


We have seen in our surroundings that when we are with our friends or family, we tend to forget many bad thoughts that came or continuously run inside us. Have we ever thought, why such happen? I would like to denote this with a very simple yet effective line “A simple smile from your loved one can change everything”. Also, it has been seen and experienced by many of us that being close to good relationships has many benefits and that’s the reason we do not want it to get spoiled. If talk about its bad impact then the list is not as big as the good ones but the impact and consequences are much more than of that.

It’s a Therapy

One in life we all came across a situation when we think that we are in deep need of therapy or someone who can guide us during our disturbed time when we felt low and even so stressed that we end up being completely productive, haven’t we? The first thing that we jump into is our favorite Google baba and start finding ways to get rid of it the very first method teaches us to try thinking and avoiding such thoughts and situations but trust me if this were in our hands then we never came across such searches and the next find of us would be talking to someone you like or do such thing that makes you happy, that we call it a Therapy. It is not a thumb rule that therapy can be verbal only, it can also form a part of an emotion, an act of doing something or sometimes being with yourself.


Medicine may not only contribute to your well-being but emotions too and that came from the relationships that we build in our surroundings. We have many times seen people visit some temples or quiet places when they are not in a state to live around the current situation and that is only because they have built a relationship of peace with them which starts supplying them with all the requirements to stay strong from their current state of mind once they have started their journey towards them.

That’s the point even a good therapist or a doctor always recommends staying connected with the relationships that you have built as it will not ensure a good mental lifestyle for you but also help you to fight when there is no one standing with you.

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