Learn maintaining habit of eating: Be aware about the food we eat

Learn maintaining habit of eating: Be aware about the food we eat

Anytime we talk about health and fitness we are talking about our lives and the healthy lifestyle equals longevity and that’s great. Why is eating even a moral value? Food is about the body. We must eat what is suitable for the body. There’s nothing like a good food habit and bad food habit.

Habit means you’re functioning unconsciously. If you are functioning unconsciously that’s a bad thing because the whole thing about being a human is we are capable of doing things consciously. That is the beauty of humans that we can do everything consciously.

What an animal does unconsciously we can do the same thing consciously , we can eat unconsciously or we can eat unconsciously, we can breathe unconsciously or we can breathe consciously. Everything that we can do we can do consciously. The moment we do something consciously suddenly that human being looks very refined and wonderful.

Habit means fixed realities where you don’t have to think you get up in the morning and it’ll happen to you. Health is one thing that one should always take care of. Today if you take the fullest care of your health which not only includes your outer shine but also your inner body the results you’ll be getting in the near future will be amazing.

Don’t try to automate your life. It is very necessary for you to keep a check on whatever you are eating. The food should be appropriate. We’ve adopted different food cultures these days but what we have to inculcate in our minds is that we should be well aware about the food we eat.

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