Cough A Common Problem?

Cough A Common Problem?
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Cough is a common problem, usually, it has to be faced many times in life, cough is a reaction That gives to us due to an infection in the body, respiratory tract, lungs, or coming external element. fast air clots come out of the lungs in the body, Which is a particle trapped in the lungs, microscopic organisms, etc. that come out of the mouth, due to a common infection, the problem of cough can remain for two to three weeks.

Types of cough –  Acute cough – lasts for 2 -3 weeks.    Subacute cough – lasts for 3 -8 weeks.    Chronic cough – more than 8 weeks, a sign of serious illness.   Dry cough.   Coughing up mucus.   Whooping cough.  Nocturnal cough (cough occurring at night).

Symptoms of cough – Sore throat.   fever.   Swelling in the trachea.   Pain in the throat.  Pain in the chest.  Sinus infection etc.

Severe symptoms of cough – If these symptoms of cough are seen, then the doctor’s advice should be taken immediately, it can be a sign of lung cancer or any serious disease -Loss of appetite.   weight loss.   Difficulty in swallowing food or water.   Bleeding with mucus.  Feeling extremely tired.

Cough test – Depending on your symptoms, the doctor may recommend a chest X-ray, CT scan or sputum sample test, etc.

Treatment of normal cough – This cough gets cured on its own, if it does not, then with anti-bacterial medicine taken from the doctor or any There are home remedies by which we can control a normal cough.

Some home remedies to cure cough

Using honey and ginger- take out ginger juice and mix some honey in it, and consume it before sleeping.

Boil basil leaves in water and make a decoction and drink it.

Boil turmeric and celery in a glass of water, when the water is half If it remains, then mix half a teaspoon of honey in it and consume it twice a day.

Drink turmeric milk at night while sleeping.

Gargle with warm water mixed with salt.

Add ginger and long pepper powder to pomegranate juice and consume it.

Consume hot things like soup, tea, hot water, etc.

  • Note – Medical consultation is necessary.
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