If you do not use it ,you will lose it !

If you do not use it ,you will lose it !
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Would our brain remain as sharp as today after aging? Or would it become bland with age? According to psychologists, the life we live today will affect the state of our neurons (brain cells) up to old age. It is necessary to learn new things as it makes new connections, and practicing new activities makes them more potent. As the years pass by, we put less effort into maintaining the network of nerves that our brain does not require. When we take birth, we have all the neurons. After birth, brain cells connect and develop into a full-fledged network. As we grow and learn new things, we develop more and more connections, but when time passes by, we stop using these connections and thus they are not sustained. If we do not utilize it, we will forget it and the connections between the brain diminish.

Growth and reduction of the brain continue throughout our life, ultimately decreasing the neurological courses, making us more forgetful, and numbing our senses. Scientists continue to analyse complicated patterns of the brain, to unravel more connections and answer the mysteries, which keep us bewildered. Many factors affect brain vigilance, some of them are given below:

Stay elastic – With a comfortable lifestyle and a feel of withstanding improvisation, the nerve network diminishes in the brain. Every new idea, concept, or experience can create new connections, linking brain cells, and making them more efficient.

Look for diversity – People who are surrounded by friends and family can retain more connections compared to solitary people.

Socialize – Being involved in social work has better results than being trapped with your family and yourself. Getting in touch with communities and public objectives enhances the mind.

Right attitude– People with depression, anxiety, and anger destroy the connections of the brain earlier than people with a life full of happiness and joy.


If you want to remain mentally active with ageing, then do not let the connection between neurons diminish. Your brain health is as important as your body health. It is your choice to use it or lose it. The more you use your brain, the thought process developed by it gets better and it gives new ideas which ultimately adds a new horizon to your life.

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