Health – Importance more than Wealth

Health – Importance more than Wealth

We all have often heard in our school days that “Health is Wealth” but as time changes this slang has been forgotten somewhere in our daily routine and lifestyle. The generation that just crossed their teenage life or are in their late teens has understood no meaning of it. The fast adoption of the western culture that we denote as “Being Cool” pushes us to a stage where the young blood only prioritizes the acts that they have no clue how it will bounce back to them.

The Eye-Opener

The year 2019-2020, remembered as the Covid-19 and which we all never want to remember ever in our lives brushed the ideology of running after money to live a happy life from our mind and taught us the real importance of Health. If we discuss the simpler meaning of health, everybody has the same set of words in their mind that has been googled and taught to us i.e. “The condition of a person’s body or mind” but has anybody ever wondered why we always focus on our physical health rather than the mental one? How astonishing the fact is that mental health is more of a kind area that should be prioritized more but lacked the most.

According to articles published by various health agencies, mental health is the need of the hour and especially for the early millennials as during this age the common issue related to their health such as stress, depression, anxiety, confused minds are often and we either ignore such Or choose the most fashionable path of smoking and drinking in a justification that it gives them relief from all such.

The Common Issues

Have you ever noticed a small spring kind mechanism over a pressure cooker that rose as the pressure inside increases and when it overloads the whistle blows just to release it? I hope everyone at least noticed that once but what happens if the pressure didn’t reach its normal point, then it creates havoc. The same happens with us as well at a young age, we overload so much pressure on us with stress, studies, life, and relations that we do not realize whether are we enough capable to handle this. The answer is No as we have been taught from the beginning of our school days and in our upbringing that until we do not learn to handle them, we can’t succeed in our lives but this has never been taught when to stop or how to identify the alarming situation of this.

Reality Check

At the age of 16 to 24, every kid is at their start yet at the peak of their mental health but keep on deteriorate with the constant smash of lifestyle that we have been adopt due to stay in the fashion of continuous consumption of smoking and drinking. Also, the current parenthood has created an expectation in the mind of their kids that without being best in every division of life, there is no meaning of being alive.

I would like to address this to our young blood that there is no harm in being cool or adopt a particular culture or lifestyle but we also need to understand what we are welcoming with them. There is a famous dialogue that we mostly use in a problematic situation that “Jaan hai toh jahan hai” but the word “Jaan” is not only about being physical wellbeing but also stay mentally strong. There is no point displaying a well-built physical appearance if there is a black hole inside our mind.

What Next?  

No science or technology can heal you from the inside and thus we need to understand that what makes us happy is the key to our mental well-being. Exploring and engaging in the acts that give you a healthy dopamine will have the capacity to fight any type of issue. From some reading books to making someone happy to stay connected with loved ones, all are a source of happy hormone for different individuals and we need to find the one for us and be involved in to a core that a small time connected with them provide massive energy to stay fit and fight everything.


It is a responsibility for each irrespective of age that stay focused on your mental health despite running just to an illusion that can fade anytime. Finding happiness in small things can also add years to your life naturally else we will end up everything that we have earned in our lives adds years unnaturally to us and our young generation, a lot of things depend on you as you have the power and ability to change many things that we had ever imagined for.

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