Choose the right exercise regime

Choose the right exercise regime
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Everyone has a unique body type depending upon age, sex, body build-up, the existing state of health, profession, lifestyle, and lastly the willingness of the person to undertake desirable exercise. The set of practices that the person undertakes, will depend upon all the mentioned factors.

Motivation or mindset to start something new in your life is the key initiative. Once you are clear about your goal then begin to search for the best way to go there.

Keep these points in your mind before choosing your workout routine-

1. Choose any form of exercise which is beneficial as well as joyful for you.

2. Try a variety of different forms of exercise of your choice.

3. Start from basics and over the course of time, increase the intensity of your workout.

4. Choose the set of exercises that fits your lifestyle.

5. Always have an alternative option in your mind if your outdoor regime is not possible due to weather conditions.

6. Plan your workout routine which is helpful in curing your health problems.

7. Find a fellow who encourages you and can become your workout partner.

8. You can also join a class or a local sports team.

9. Fix a specific time for exercise in your daily routine.

10. Find an experienced personal trainer for better guidance.

Choosing the right exercise is a matter of finding an activity that helps people to achieve their aim with safety and sustainability. Here are some options which can help you make your regime –

1. Walking/running/jogging-

It is nature’s best medicine for all age groups. It does not require any specific skill and is very refreshing as well. Brisk walking is also a very effective form of exercise.

2. Swimming-

This is a form of full-body exercise which is a suitable option for people having muscle and joint pain.

3. Bicycling-

It is a very productive form of cardiovascular exercise and gives strengthening leg muscles.

4. Aerobic dancing-

One of the most popular forms of exercise covers whole-body fitness. With lively music and friendly company, it can be the most appealing form of exercise.

5. Yoga-

It is the most perfect form of exercise. You can enjoy it in any peaceful place as it does not require any equipment. Its best aspect is that it suits people of any age or in any kind of health condition or physique.

6. Elliptical Machines-

Exercise with these machines is used for cardiovascular fitness. Take the guidance of the trainer while setting target heart rate and frequency and duration of exercise.

7. Strength training-

It involves the performance of physical exercise that improves core strength. You can develop strong bones, manage your weight and enhance your quality of life by strengthening your core.

8. Pilates-

It is a form of exercise which give stability, flexibility, and strength to your core. It is the most popular form of exercise among dancers but it appeals to a wider audience too. The pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates during the 1920s.

9. Zumba-

Zumba is a fitness form that is a mixture of cardio and Latin-inspired dance. It boosts your overall health.

10. Tai chi-

A form of internal Chinese martial art. Popular among people for defense training, health benefits, and meditation by improving strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, and balance.


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