Are Vitamin C supplements good for your health?

Are Vitamin C supplements good for your health?

Doctors and researchers all around the world are working day and night to come up with a vaccine. While the question that haunts most of the people is, How should we boost our immunity?

The answer is pretty simple, Rice pulses Vegetables is all it takes to build up your immunity. Yet people think this process is too cumbersome. They keep looking for shortcuts.

Amid the threat of Coronavirus, most of the people have started taking up supplements like Vitamin C tablets, to improve their immune system, especially without any expert advice or proper consultation.

Here we will try to understand what actually is Vitamin C and how we can get it.

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients of our body and is water soluble.

So what does water soluble Vitamin indicate?

It simply means that whatever Vitamin C we consume, gets dissolved in water and does not stay inside the body for long as it does not get stored.

It is an antioxidant which fights against the free radicals which get in through various junk foods. This one property of Vitamin C is what makes an important vitamin to fight COVID 19.

According to international guidelines a normal human requires almost 70- 100 mg whereas the tablets that are being sold in the market these days are around 500 mg.

Research has suggested that excessive consumption of Vitamin C nullifies its impact.These extra mg’s are simply a waste of money.

These synthetic Vitamins are opposite to natural vitamins. They are made up of sulphuric acid and starch.

So we need to understand that we do not necessarily need to spend a hefty amount for these supplements like Vitamin C when we can acquire it by simple home made food.

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