5 simple daily habits to change your life: Daily routine

5 simple daily habits to change your life: Daily routine
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Life needs some balance and one perfect routine for a great life. Habit is something which gives you a shape to your routine. There are some common habits people should follow and work on it. Habit makes you stronger. Once you start doing automatically you will get used to them. 

  • Meditation- Meditating or practicing deep breathing will ease stress, anxiety, and help you manage your mind. Everybody has time to meditate. The key to being consistent is to not overwhelm yourself with a high requirement. Make it really easy for you to meditate. Tell yourself to meditate for two minutes every day and then work up from there. 
  • Clean for 10 minutes a day- Set a timer for ten minutes, then clean for that allotted time. This breaks down your cleaning into smaller chunks so it feels manageable. Ten minutes is a short enough time that you’re confident you can do it and long enough to actually get a lot of cleaning done. 
  • Create visual cues- For this what you want to consistently do more of. For example, placing your workout clothes in plain view if you want to exercise more, or putting fruit on the counter so you’ll remember to eat them. 
  • Drink more water- Drinking more water leads to countless benefits like improving your bodily functions, flushing out toxins from your body, preventing headaches and aiding weight loss. Drinking more water just might be the solution to all your concerns. 
  • Daily gratitude- Take a moment out of your day to count your blessings and acknowledge what you appreciate about your life. Oftentimes we become too focused on the negative, on what we’re currently struggling with or what’s going wrong in our lives. Sometimes all we need to feel better about ourselves is a shift in perspective. Take time to jot down different things that you’re grateful for. Try to come up with five each day. And make it a habit to focus on these things that you have to be grateful for. Release any unmet expectations you’ve had for yourself or for your life. And focus instead on what you already have. Trade your expectations for appreciation and you will make all the difference.
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