Top 5 trending dishes amidst covid-19

Top 5 trending dishes amidst covid-19
Image Credit- unsplash

1.Dalgona Coffee

One must have had coffee in their life. But have you experienced a coffee with two layers in it. Also which is whipped?. If not then there comes a trending coffee call “Dalgona Coffee” which has made every one dance on its tone. This coffee got viral and got its popularity to this extent that nobody could stop themselves from making it.


Who doesn’t love cakes. But this pandemic made every other person a good baker. It would be not surprising if cake holds a record to be the most prepared food items in this pandemic. Everyone’s social handle once in a while displayed their version of cakes. For it is ,”piece of cake” to make a cake.


This pandemic has made us our street food a lot. But foodies always have a plan B for everything. Street food lovers started making their version of Street food and guess what even this started to become a trend. This would have the healthiest and safest version of loving your stomach. This shows us street food holds its place in everyone’s heart.


Pizza is one of the foods that no one could say no to. One can have pizza for breakfast, lunch and even in dinners. But pandemic became a fly in ointment for the pizza lovers. But who can stop us from making it on our own. Pizzas must have gotten more popular in this pandemic. As this is the easiest food one can prepare with least ingredients at home. Thanks a bunch to the ready pizza base and pizza sauce who tried to satisfy our Pizza cravings.


Believe it or not but this pandemic has done one good thing that it made us more concerned about our health. Detox drinks got a huge popularity and we got to see different and huge varieties of the same. One had the advantage to prepare this at home as it can go with any fav ingredients available at home. This delicious yet healthiest way to detox has got many thumbs up.

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