Top 10 places for misal in Pune: Most popular misal house

Top 10 places for misal in Pune: Most popular misal house

Misal is one of the most popular dishes in maharashtra. Misal is made up of sprouts. It is served with pav(Indian bread roll), Bread. The dish is topped with onion, farsaan, lemon, and coriander. It is also the most famous street food. People love it during snack time, at breakfast. The spicy curry with crunchy farsaan tastes so good. So here are we listing top 10 places in pune that you should for having misal pav:  

    • Atithi misal house- Located in Pimpri, it is probably the oldest misal place in the area. The samples ever present aroma makes you even hungrier. Nonetheless, their spice levels are not for the faint hearted so order and dip wisely.

    • Dipti misal house- The USP of this eatery in Pimpri is their misal thali, served with dahi, chopped raw Onion, sliced cucumber and lemon all served in a small bucket. The icing on the cake is that you access WiFi here.

    • Katta kirr- Famous for their three versions of misal pav graded according to the level of spiceness, katta kirr in Deccan Gymkhana boasts both a dining area and convenient take away window. You can choose from light, medium and spicy as per your liking.

    • Baedekar tea stall- This stall at Narayan peth values it’s individuality. Don’t expect a regular misal pav. The misal here is sweet and is accompanied by slices of bread instead of pav paired with sol kadhi.

    • Shree kala snacks center- If you are at raasta peth and don’t want to miss the good stuff. Drop in for a bite at Shree kala snacks centre.

    • Ramnath misal- Touted as the oldest misal place in Pune. It is known for its sumptuous greasy gravy with a topping of fried poha that will satiate you.

    • Shree Krishna bhuvan- Tucked away in Tulsibagh, shree krishna bhuvan has stayed true to its unique gravy which is relatively tighter.

    • Arihant misal hotel– Located in Pimpri Chinchwad this eatery is a heaven for comfort food lovers. Their generosity with the sprouts and farsaan sets them apart from the rest.

    • Wah marathi express- If air conditioned comfort is important to you and you want to avoid the heat and bustle of the streets, head to Seasons mall, Magarpatta.

    • Vaidya uphar gruh- This hundred year old eatery in ravivar peth is known as one of the best places for misal in town.

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