Top 10 dishes everyone should taste: For every foodie person

Top 10 dishes everyone should taste: For every foodie person
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  • Charcoal pizza– As the name suggests, the crust of this pizza has activated edible charcoal, therefore it is black. Moreover, activated charcoal detoxes your body. So you get a combination of taste and health in one. 
  • Moroccan tagine and dressed veggie pizza- This pizza is made of Moroccan sauce, fresh herbs, mozzarella, apricots and citrus dressed veggies. As indulgent as it can get.
  • Misal pav fondue- If you like your food high on scoville, dig into this. Packed with spices and flavours, the pav, you get oodles of butter. Served with an add-on sauce and yoghurt to balance the spice, it will force you to lick your fingers. 
  • Four cheese fondue- This delicacy has flavours of original swiss fondues. It has gruyere, emmental, grana padano and aged cheddar cheese. Garnished with a dash of nutmeg, it is served with mezze sticks and pesto croutons. 
  • Thai jungle grilled veg curry- The lip smacking green thai curry is served with grilled vegetables and a coriander pilaf that lend the perfect crunch and satiate the good food lover in you. 
  • Dal dhokli- If you are missing your mom’s food, this is a must try. Whole wheat dumplings are dipped in spicy dal and drizzled with a dollop of desi ghee. 
  • Biscuit bhakri- Crisp bhakris with a hint of cumin, drizzled with ghee is served with potato Onion masala sabji, lasooni chutney and lacha onion. 
  • Grilled cottage cheese skewers- Gooey cottage cheese is marinated in chermoula and presented with a dip of herb mayo. In short it is a palate pleaser. 
  • Masala macaroni- If you have an ardent indian palate that likes everything with an indian twist, this option is exactly what you must try. The pasta is infused with Indian flavours and veggies and completely worthy to relish. 
  • Pesto stuffed garlic bread– Stuffed with pesto, this garlic bread comes in the form of a baguette and is slathered with cheese sauce. A great starter indeed. 
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