The famous kashmiri kahwa: Benefits and recipe

The famous kashmiri kahwa: Benefits and recipe
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Kahwa is kashmiri tea. We can also call it Green  tea with more additional ingredients. Kahwa is aromatic tea also consumed in the parts like kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and  some parts of central Asia.

Kahwa main ingredients are saffron and almonds. Saffron has a good source of vitamin B2. 


Kahwa has ingredients like saffron, kashmiri tea leaves, whole spices and nuts. It is prepared in a brass kettle also known as samovar. The kashmiri drink this tea every time because it helps them in winters. Also people drink it every day as it is a natural stress buster and helps for digestion. Kahwa can help you to reduce your weight. Keep our eyes and skin healthy. Kahwa has multiple benefits. It helps for boosting immunity, digestion, and also for skincare. It keeps our heart fit and healthy.

As indian love for tea is impossible to replace. Parties, weddings, overnight work every time people need tea to boost themselves. It helps us to improve our mood and concentration. 

How to prepare Kahwa 

To make kahwa tea, Take cardamoms, cinnamon and cloves and crush them in fine pieces. Then take some water, keep boiling and add kashmiri tea leaves, add crushed cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and let this simmer for 5 minutes. 

Now serve this in a cup topped with saffron, almonds and rose petals. This tea is already for you to drink. Tea is not only delicious but healthy for the body. 

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