Most popular dessert in world : World famous desserts

Most popular dessert in world : World famous desserts

1. Tiramisu– Hail coffee aficionados. As this tiramisu exudes the lovely scent of coffee and is dusted with cocoa. Warning- you may feel like that it has been imported directly from Italy. With some records it said that it was invented in the 1960’s. Still people are feeling it’s new and liking it alot. It’s now a world popular dessert among us.

2. The red velvet revolution rolls– Taking red velvet pastry to the next level are these rolls. The chef prepares a stylised version of the red velvet in the form of a log and then sends out slices to the customers.

3. signature cappuccino chocolate– Now, this is decadent. It’s an 8 layered cappuccino mousse and green tea flavoured sponge, sprinkled with our childhood favourites.

4. Baklava and butterscotch– We must thank the middle Easterns for creating this gem of a phyllo pastry. And we must say it looks best with a scoop of rich butterscotch ice cream. Baklava is made from layers of thin paper filo pastry, butter, nuts, and with some sweet syrup.

5. Doughnut- There are different types of doughnut now such as- Powdered, filled, topped, sprinkles, and dry fruits garnish also coconut. Doughnuts are very famous in the U.S.A. For a long time first they were known as olykoeks. This  was  the favorite dish of American soldiers.  This was a famous and most favorite dish of very Americans.  First Friday of June is celebrated as national doughnut day.

6.Gulab jamun- Most famous dessert that you will find in southern Asia like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. At every function, festival and also in restaurants you will have this in dessert. This are small balls made with mixing the dried milk powder, yogurt, flour and mixing some butter and then roll into small ball and deep fry. Then its put into sugar syrup for soaking. After few hours it is Served with some toppins of crushed nuts.

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