Popular street food are momo- Momos street food

Popular street food are momo- Momos street food

Momo is a famous street food of east and south Asian steamed food. Momo are popular in indian food streets. It is steamed dumpling with some form of filling. It is cheap and yummy. In Countries like Nepal, there is traditional food we can say is momo. It was invented by tibetian people.

Its outer cover is  made of wheat flour and all purpose flour dough. Add sometimes little yeast or baking soda. And filled with vegetables, chicken, cheese etc. In vegetarian momo there is cabbage, ginger etc. They are served with sauce also known as chutney. Made up of tomato and other some ingredients but tomato is the base ingredient. 

There are so many varieties in momo. 

Steamed momo: This you can find in every cafe, restaurants, Filled with vegetables or chicken. And put in a dumpling steamer. 

Fried momo: These  momos are made by deep frying the momo or frying after steaming the momo. You can forget your diet by eating this. 

Tandoori momo: The best combination mouth watering dish is the combo of tandoori in momo. You can find this in any Momo hurt.

Paneer momo: Paneer is the best option for vegetarians. Panner, cheese are options for some dairy products. 

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