Popular Beverages – Coffee

Popular Beverages – Coffee
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Coffee – Coffee is a popular beverage, which is prepared from the fruit of the tree called Coffea arabica. beans on this tree Coffee powder is prepared by roasting and grinding coffee beans. Due to the presence of caffeine in coffee, it has a mildly stimulating effect.

Where is coffee produced in India – Coffee India’s Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are the traditional coffee-producing states of South India. After that on the east coast of the country Coffee is produced in non-traditional areas of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. And North Eastern India includes the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam. India is one of the largest tea cultures in the world, but an equal amount of coffee is also used in India. Coffee South Indian Take with breakfast. Seeing the need for coffee, coffee cultivation started in many parts of India.

Coffee is used as a drink as well as in beauty products, because it is a natural beauty product, and is used for skin and hair care.

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of most people around the world, there are many varieties of coffee, and you can drink it in any way, such as You can take cold coffee, hot coffee, and coffee with or without milk. Many types of desserts can be prepared from it.

Types of Coffee Espresso – All the types of coffee in the world are prepared by mixing them, espresso or black coffee, coffee is the purest form. It is the hardest coffee that is sold the most in the world. This coffee powder is made by adding it to hot water or boiling it in water.

 Americano – Americano is made in such a way that it is not too hard, to make it more hot water is added to the espresso coffee. It is often referred to as the western way of drinking coffee, which reduces its hardness. It was made by American soldiers during the Second World War. Since then its trend started.

Cappuccino – Cappuccino coffee has a lot of froth, and contains one-third the amount of foamed hot milk, espresso, and steamed milk (with foam) in a normal cup. To make it, milk froth is poured over espresso coffee, and steam is also given in it, which makes foam, according to personal choice, some people drink chocolate or cocoa powder sprinkled in the cup.

Latte – When steamed milk is poured over espresso coffee, it is a latte. Three-quarters of the cup contains milk and froth, and the rest contains espresso coffee. This coffee is very tasty with a frothy feel.

Mocha – Mocha is a type of espresso drink, in which a short of chocolate is added. Some people add hot chocolate to it, while some find different ways to make it.

Flat White – To make this coffee, a 100ml cup contains 35ml of espresso, and the rest of the milk is added to it, by mixing these two, the coffee is not too strong and the light-tasting coffee is prepared.

Macchiato – Milk foam is added to 35 ml espresso, it is made from milk by milk foam machines, which is mixed with coffee to make foam coffee, which is known as Macchiato, it is also strong coffee.

Irish Coffee – Irish Coffee is also very famous, a little whiskey, espresso powder, and sugar are used to make it.

Indian Filter Coffee – Indian filter coffee is produced in some parts of South India, it is made by grinding dry coffee leaves. It is also prepared by adding milk and sugar like the rest of the coffee.

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