Diwali 2020 with some best delicious sweets & snacks recipes

Diwali 2020 with some best delicious sweets & snacks recipes
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  1. Diwali is the festival of lights. People on this beautiful day come together ,the whole family sit together and enjoy. So as our loved ones are with us the food makes the bond stronger. So before diwali people start making lots of snacks with too much love and excitement. They are stored in glass jars that they can’t spoil till 2 to 3 weeks. At room temperature. Without snacks and sweets Diwali is incomplete. In India as people say:
  2.                          ‘Dil ka rasta pet se hokar  guzarta h’.
  3. It means if the food is good, people are going to love you. The way to your heart goes through your stomach.
  4. So here are some best Diwali snacks and sweets recipes:

1. Shankar Para: It is the sweet and crispy snacks made of all purpose flour. People give them different tiny shapes but the famous one is in diamond cuts most people prefer diamond shape. It is also called as shakerpara in Bengal and shankarpali in Rajasthan.

2.Namak Para: It is the best tea snack for everyone at home. Kids love them most. In that people put some salt and cumin.

3.Karanji: It’s the best maharashtrian sweet and crispy snack made up of coconut, mawa, also now people use different ingredients for stuffing. 

4.Chakli : These are the famous and most loved snacks in diwali. It is in spiral shape, chakli are little bit spicy made with wheat or rice flour.

5.Sev: Sev is normally used in chaats and breakfast like poha/upma. kids like this snack because it is not spicy.

6.Poha Chivda: The healthy and easy to make dish in Diwali. Made using flattened rice, Coconut (roasted), nuts and different spices.

7.Rava Laddoo: Every Diwali is incomplete with this laddoo. These delicious laddoos are made up of semolina and inside that dry fruits are stuffed.

8.Coconut Barfi: It is also known as nariyal barfi. It is soft and semi hard. Main ingredients are grated coconut and sugar.

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