8 Best recipes for dinner in Indian style: Easy dinner meal

8 Best recipes for dinner in Indian style: Easy dinner meal
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When it’s winter our body needs heat. We need food which keeps our body warm and the food which takes a long time to digest are best in winters. India has different varieties of cuisines. We are going to list some best delicious items like soups, halwa, biryani and curries.

So here are 8 best recipes for your family to cook in the  winter season.

  1. 1. Hyderabadi  biryani : Hyderabadi biryani is one the most famous dishes in India which comes  from the street of hyderabad. It is made from fried onion, mint, chicken, half boiled rice  and some dry fruits. Its authentic flavour will make your recipe diary more tasty.
  2. 2.Gajar ka halwa: Winter is incomplete without gajar ka halwa. Every indian family makes it in  the dessert  in winters. As the carrots are in this season are so fresh. Halwa is made with ghee, and garnished with dry fruits on top.
  3. 3.Butter chicken:  It’s super  simple to make and delicious. Add some rice, some greens and a bottle of wine to fully savour the taste.  Butter chicken is serve with butter naans and then it will make your dinner time more better.
  4. 4. Dal makhani: It’s famous north indian dish. Loaded with a lot of butter and creamy flavour served with paratha, naan and jeera rice. In this different dal are mixed to enrich the flavour.
  5. 5.Chicken soup: Chicken soup is  healthy and full of nutrients. Ingredients which are added in this are corn flour, boiled chicken, garlic, and jalapeno.
  6. 6.Sarson ka saag: Sarson ka saag is a famous winter dish in punjab region. Every household makes this saag and serves it  with makke di roti.  It is made up of sarson (mustard greens).
  7. 7.Beetroot thoran: It is traditional dish of kerala, in which beetroots are fried and served with rice. Turmeric and chilies gives a rich flavour to dish.
  8. 8.Rogan josh: It is made with red meat (mutton). This kashmiri dish made  with a  lot of different spices. It is the signature dish of kashmir. It served in winters because it offers warmth to our body.
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