Top fashion trends that have emerged due to covid-19

Top fashion trends that have emerged due to covid-19
Image Credit- Unsplash

The year ahead really has limitless possibilities. But One thing where there hasn’t been much change is the fashion industry. Major retailers are fading away. Fashion week is shifting. The fashion designers can reimagine the fashion world. It’s going to be smaller collections, a language that’s geared more directly to the customers.

The pandemic might in some weird way turn out to be just what the hidebound fashion world needs, then no matter how fast it accelerates the future can’t get here soon enough.Given the chaos and uncertainty wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to pin down the top fashion and beauty trends of a year hence is challenging. Covid-19 revamped each one of our lives.

It has hugely affected a lot of industries around the world. One of them being the fashion industry.The pandemic gave a full stop for  all the important annual fashion extravaganzas, including Met Gala, which are truly responsible for bringing new trends to the world.But as the time changes people too change with it and the rise of technology the main reason. With the help of online shopping, people have adapted to new styles. Some of them are as follows:

  • Comfortable clothes – these have become very important. Wear anything which is comfortable. Staying up in lockdown made people work on their household wear.
  • Creative face masks –  as masks have become the new necessity for everyone. People are trying their hands out on the best possible way to make creative masks. 
  •  flip-flops- now that it’s pandemic, nowhere to go. Home Sweet home is the only place where we can be. So bye bye heels, hello sliders. 
  • Eye makeup – since covid 19. Masks have become the daily necessity. And no outings. Only meetings and with those masks up so applying lipstick wouldn’t affect but the eye makeup here becomes more in demand. 
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