People are obsessed with makeup: Is the sign of insecurity

People are obsessed with makeup: Is the sign of insecurity

The first line by which you jump in this article is that sign of insecurity is when you start wearing makeup. No it’s absolutely wrong. Wearing makeup gives you confidence, it is a beauty enhancer. People earn by doing makeup showing their talent.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook there are  lots of pages about makeup, there are growing markets of makeup, Influencers doing makeup. There are a lot of youtube channels about makeup, People that show how to apply it, where to buy.

Teenagers are doing different types of makeup on their face, leg and on hand. Different occasions have different makeup styles, you can find different makeup of your own choice.

Makeup also helps women to feel attractive and they can comfortably talk in their surroundings.

women feel more powerful.

Celebrities have also launched their own beauty brands such as  Kylie Jenner- Kylie makeup, Selena Gomez- Rare  beauty. James Charles the famous makeup artist on social media and also favourite artist in the industry you can see him with a lot of hollywood stars.

Wearing makeup is an individual choice women, men whoever it may be can wear makeup so only girls can wear makeup no anyone can do it. Makeup doesn’t judge you. Be free and open yourself while doing makeup.

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