Make your saree a winter-friendly dress with these hacks

Make your saree a winter-friendly dress with these hacks
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Yes, a saree can also be winter-friendly as well as a stylish-looking dress. Saree is undoubtedly the most elegant dress in Indian culture for ages. You can stay warm and simultaneously look stylish and elegant during winter as well.
Many makeup-loving people are fond of winters as there are no issues of sweating but are confused as to what to wear in ethnic dresses, whether should they wear it or not, as traditionally, a saree is not a winter dress. But what if you are a big fan of saree like me and desperately want to carry a saree look in this wedding celebration? Every day, our fashion industry evolves and provides new looks and solutions for every season. So do not get puzzled, here are some looks which u can try.

1. With Coat:

Fashionably it is a great choice to opt to wear a coat over a saree. This is the most popular look that gives you an ethnic as well as sophisticated look. Wearing the right coat can prepare you for both formal and informal functions.

Silk Coat – It will undoubtedly provide you with a chic and lavish look. Nowadays many designer sarees come with heavily embroidered silk coats.

Trench Coat – For attending any formal celebration in winter you can team up your saree with a trench coat and you are ready for attending any convocation or official gathering like New Year’s Party or Christmas Eve. So, this winter enhance your confidence with the broad-shoulder look of a trench coat.

Overcoat – The overcoat has the power to upgrade your look in a snap. Choosing this will provide you with a bold and formal look for a corporate party.

All types of coats are fully capable of providing you with a luxurious and royal look with a saree. A saree with an overcoat will do the job if you want to make a style statement.

2. With Jacket:

If you want to carry the aura of a powerful woman, you would love to opt for this look. Jackets make a perfect blend of both traditional and modern sarees.

Leather Jacket – Leather jackets are superb, stunning, and stylish choices. Go simple yet stylish with this type of jacket. You can team up your saree with a leather jacket and make your statement for afternoon occasions. Loose-fitting jackets allow you to wear thermal innerwear for extra chilly night parties.

Velvet Jacket – Velvet is the ruling fabric of winter as it keeps us warm and gives us an elegant and gorgeous look.  There are lots of options for sarees with velvet blouses in the markets as well. You can steal the limelight with this look for the day as well as the evening.

Ethnic Jackets – Sarees with ethnic jackets provide a full royal and classic look. Ethnic jackets usually come with designer sarees as it is specially designed for winter time.

Jackets can be of any fabric according to your choice so it would make a vast range of options. It is completely your choice whether you want to carry a breezy look by keeping the pallu out or have a formal look by keeping it in.

3. With High neck skivvy/fitted sweater/full sleeves crop top:

In place of a blouse, you can wear a skivvy in any contrast colour of your choices like black, brown, maroon, or any trending colour, etc. Choose darker shades of colour as they keep you warmer compared to lighter shades. It will provide a unique look and cover your neck. In light winters you can wear a heavily embroidered or velvet blouse, for a stylish look.

4. With Cardigans:

Cardigans are the oldest choice in winter if you want to keep a basic and classic look then opt for an attractive cardigan. A cardigan is the best option for you if you want to carry a casual, effortless as well as elegant look for light events such as a birthday celebration.

5. With Shawl/Heavy Dupatta:

In Wintertime, we get the freedom to style our saree with a heavy dupatta or shawl. The mingling of these two, saree and dupatta, make a very classy and ethnic look. For this styling you can keep your saree pallu open or pleated, both will look great. One shoulder is occupied with pallu and the other is covered with a shawl or heavy dupatta. This fully covered look will keep you warm too.



In winter, there is always more focus on attire for protecting yourself from cold and giving you a stylish look at the same time.

  • You can opt for a sleek bun with your hair pulled back and can put some flowery shiny hair clips or for a more royal look use natural rose flowers.
  • During winter time, we wear extra layers which might give us a bulgy look, in order to avoid this, pay special attention to draping. The fabric you choose also plays a key role.
  • Keep the saree’s pallu in your hand as it makes another layer around you and keeps you warm.
  • Secure the saree with several safety pins for a graceful and managed look.
  • Selection of the right accessories is the most vital step for the final look. Mix and match your jewellery and add your essence to your look

Many girls have nervous feelings about wearing a saree, especially in winter, so, beauties do not let it show through your face. Remember, it is not about how beautiful the saree you wear is, it is about how beautifully you carry it. Most importantly, your smile is the cherry on the cake.

This winter, flaunt your glamorous look without disturbing the integrity of the saree and get ready with a head-turner look.

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