How fashion is changing the whole perception of lifestyle? Must read

How fashion is changing the whole perception of lifestyle? Must read
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Fashion at one point of time used to be seen within the bounds of clothing and dressing. But now, in recent times, it has shifted its circles and extended itself into the ways of people’s lives. How people live? By noticing the daily lifestyle of people  their fashion sense can be judged in some way or the other.
How well people are maintaining one’s houses and rooms? and how it is stylized? Also bring in their sense of Fashion.
Fashion can also become one of the instruments for breaking stereotypes. It plays a very significant role in breaking gender barriers between people. Fashion helps in taking forward concepts which can be named as cross-dressing and inter-mixing of female-male fashion styles. This surely, breaks orthodox patterns in dressing and make-up.
Fashion can also be told as the new mode of self-expression. Some time and and for a long time, this word fashion was not a very friendly household term to use. However, as much as good points this topic contains, it does have very bad effects on society.
Fashion usually involves manipulating and morphing one’s perception of beauty. As the younger ones consider their self-esteem to be diminishing if they are not able to keep up with modern fashion trends.
They try judging this and  end up measuring their self-worth based on their beauty and dressing sense. Fashion raises the idea of unrealistic beauty standards for ordinary people.
The term fashion basically means staying updated, to be standard, and to follow styling patterns of the current times. Fashion includes one’s clothing style, hairstyle, and style of make-up and other accessories in making up ourselves.
Our sense of Fashion also helps us in shaping behavioral patterns and our conduct mechanisms.
The way we look at Fashion is very heavily influenced and is influenced by our ethnicity, gender, caste,. This  is because various communities all over the globe follow different fashion standards. Fashion is a very enlightening concept and plays a significant role in most of our lives.

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