Top home products which are used for hair care:Must try

Top home products which are used for hair care:Must try
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Nowadays people are so stressful about their hair and they always change their product because they are not happy with them. Its irritating when our hair becomes frizzy, rough, non shiny, hair fall all these make us unhappy. For maintenance of them we use heavy products and chemicals which can ruin are here some good and easy to use products which can help you to rid out the problem all items are seen in home. Yes it’s totally right you can make it at home with all natural products.

1. coconut oil and curry leaves 

people use coconut oil and curry leaves for hair massage. This makes the scalp so strong and hair roots thicker ,this makes hairs look beautiful and controls hair fall. curry leaves are high in protein which is essential for hair growth Take some coconut oil and curry leaves and heat them and then massage on scalp and on hair keep it overnight and wash it early morning. I hope you will see some good changes.

2. yogurt and lemon

Yogurt makes hair so smooth and lemon removes dandruff from the scalp .Take some yogurt in a bowl and also you can use egg. Then take all ingredients in a bowl and mix them well and massage or apply well all in your hair for  2 hour to 1 hour.

This will help you for your hairs looking shiny and smooth.

3. Aloe vera 

Aloe vera the best ingredients for hair and skin. This helps you for the growth of hair and also maintain the hair care.
Remove all the gel from it , take it in a bowl and mix it well. then apply on hair after that wash your hair with warm water.

4. Egg and olive oil

Eggs make your look brighter and shiner. Take egg, honey, olive oil and lemon. Mix all of them and apply them for 15-20 mins and then wash the hair. immediate results can be seen.

These all ingredients are helpful for hair growth and maintenance.

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